Their I was, in 1962, just fifteen miles from 'Hitsville' USA. I got in my car, with my guitar, and i went to see Berry Gordy, if he would see me. So I walked into Hitsville USA and low and behold there is Marvin Gaye. Sat down and rapped with him for a while, then it was my time to see Berry Gordy. I went in, sat down with Berry Gordy and played him a couple songs with my guitar, back when you that...

He said 'you are good man', we can make a "soul" Bobby Darin out of you"... That’s what he said... But being an entrepreneur that I was, I wanted to do things myself. So I ran into this guy that said he new all these "Motown People" and where they congregate and record.. "United Sounds" Studios Detroit, and said" I can get musicians for you".

I said "that sounds pretty good", and he arraigned to get the early version of "The Funk Brothers". I said what do you got? Who are the funk brothers?
They played 4 songs, still being played, with one of the early Motown female backup singers. We all recorded at Once at United Sound Live together.

That was it , had to do it right , all live, no misses...
Interesting note the guitar player played with a screwdriver to gert that "Motown Sound"...
Skip forward a bit I moved to california and my first song was "Cross the Western Plains" 1964.. by 1969 I was at Epic Columbia. So I had an album out '69 "At Home" which was distributed all over USA and Europe. They wanted to go out for a phot shoot in the fields and flowers, i sad" Just come over to the house and take the picture there. Which they did, and so it was called " At Home" .

It went to a syndicated program with DJ "Brother John" and was heard all over the U.S. I said " where's the money???" Money Money Money Money, I need to find something

As a child I used to find objects, coins, shiny objects, frozen artifacts in snowmelt. I began finding a different world then music, I began trading, collecting older items and buying and selling. Then I became more interest in this as a trade. I found Enstien autographed photos by E Willard Spur. While the Pasadena freeway was being constructed. Einstein had been there in '31 visiting Charlie Chaplan !, a friend who was working on the project and offered them to me.
Big sale, Big Buy, so I bought a VW Buss, that I filled every day and sold to antique dealers along the way.
Yea it was a good world, had things that I loved.
Never stopped the music, but played at my home, met my future teacher wife in '76, Had three beautiful children, went to Europe that year... My son Trevor was born in '77, then two daughters, 80 and '83 Erin and Caitlin.
Made some money in the trade biz and moved to a house in Marin Co California where I still reside.

Fast forward, after a long hiatus from studio recording, I have started recording and released 'Sole Intention',2013, followed by 'Rounder Edges' 2017, 'Vocal Passage' just rereleased in 2020, and a soon to be released album 'Vocal Passage' 2021.
I did many recordings and compositions with keyboard and instrumentalist Kit Walker
I have been working with 'Doctor' Ryman, who has tracked, remastered to get these albums out.
Many paths were traveled during this voyage that became instrumental in my life.
Difficult doing ones own Bio, but for now, this is a story, find your own true journey!

Thank you!